Community-based preschool in Kincumber

We are proud to be a not-for-profit, community-based preschool which has been operating for over 41 years, providing the highest standard of education in Kincumber. These education programs are meeting the National Quality Standards for ages 3–6. One of our primary focuses is teaching children sustainable practices and the importance of protecting the natural environment.

We believe that the most effective vehicle for children’s learning is through play, which enables them to express their needs, as well as extend their interests and personal abilities. Our educators also understand that children learn so much from exploring their natural surrounds and getting their hands dirty is all part of the fun. At Kinburra Preschool, our play equipment, natural playground and eco-garden provide fantastic hands-on learning opportunities.

We are dedicated to achieving our goals for each child of enhancing their sense of belonging, being and becoming.

As a community-based preschool, we are managed by a volunteer ‘management committee’ that was formed by a group of parents and the Director. We appreciate the valuable support and input provided by parents in operational procedures and educational programs and encourage you to join as either a general committee member or part of our fundraising committee. Part of the role of our management committee is also organising and overseeing any fundraising events.


Our educators help children learn about family and friends to develop a sense of belonging in their world.


Toddlers are highly inquisitive about the world they live in. We discover what sparks their curiosity, how they meet life’s challenges, and make friends.


Every day children are absorbing information and forming new ideas, knowledge, skills and relationships. We’ll help your child engage with society in a positive and meaningful way.

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Contact our friendly staff today on (02) 4369 2460 for further information about our preschool and program.


Our philosophy is guided by ‘Being, Belonging, Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework’ and the National Quality Framework. 

We meet our philosophy and aims by following Kinburra policies and procedures.


We acknowledge that all children are unique individuals. Educators are responsive to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests. All children are given equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture and socio-economic background. We have high expectations of all children’s capacity to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities.

We acknowledge that children’s voices are the most important part of our programs. Children learn best through play and educators will support development by providing experiences that are meaningful to the children and, most importantly, reflect their interests. For example, the child’s knowledge and exploration is valued and can be used as a tool for enhancing the knowledge of others.

Learning is promoted through experimentation, investigation and role play. Educators will follow children’s interests and provide open-ended play and creative experiences within a comfortable, relaxed, home-like environment and also with a sense of provoking learning. Children develop and learn at their own pace, therefore educators will ensure their expectations of children’s development are specific to each child’s needs and their experiences.

A positive self-concept, high self-esteem and social competence are the basis for learning. Therefore, educators will ensure children are given meaningful praise for efforts, success and positive behavior and will be supported to build positive relationships with their peers.

Staff will support each child’s background within the environment, using experiences across all learning outcomes; children have a strong sense of identity, children are connected and contribute to their world, children have a strong sense of well-being, children are active and involved learners, children are efficient communicators.

We will support the inclusion of children with additional needs, working in conjunction with the family and other support services and agencies. Educators will support each child’s emotional development through the principles of ‘Belonging Being and Becoming’ and its practices.


We acknowledge families are the most important people in their child’s life and have valuable information to share with us. We will make parents feel welcome and encourage them to become involved at the preschool in whatever way they feel comfortable. The diversity in family life means that children experience belonging, being and becoming in many different ways.

Individual families have their own parenting and childcare practices, which educators will recognise and respect. We recognise that families are active members of the larger community. We are aiming to establish and further develop our collaborative partnerships with both families and the community.

We encourage feedback suggestions and opinions regarding the preschool’s procedures, policies and the general running of the centre. Families need to feel secure in knowing that their child is cared for in a nurturing environment. Positive relationships are based on mutual trust, open communications and shared decision making. Families have the right to confidentiality and respect for privacy. Families have the right to access affordable, high-quality care and education.


We recognise and respect that every educator is an individual with diverse needs, interests, skills, knowledge and experience. We support educators personal early childhood philosophy. Educators will work as a team by motivating and supporting each other. We will build collaborative relationships built on trust, respect and honesty.

Our educators will help to build an atmosphere of trust and respect through open communications, respecting different points of view and maintaining confidentiality.

Staff will abide by policies and procedures, PIEC Principles of Attachment, AECA Code of Ethics, UN Conventions of the Rights of the Child and the National Quality Framework. We continually seek to build our professional knowledge and become co-learners with children, families and community.


At our preschool in Kincumber, we understand that your child’s early learning is integral for their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, and tailor our early learning education programs accordingly. Between the ages of 2 and 5, your child’s mind is constantly absorbing information to make sense of the world around them, which is why having the right early learning programs in place is crucial.

As every child learns at a different pace, our focus is to ensure they have equal learning opportunities and are nurtured in areas where they’re experiencing difficulties. Our preschool curriculum and early childhood education programs incorporate the principles and practices outlined by the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our educators will develop a range of short and long-term goals for your child to create a program and observe, which are based on the expected outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework and include:

  • Mutual respect & empathy
  • Concern & responsibility for self & others
  • A sense of self worth
  • Social awareness
  • Importance of sustainability
  • Self-discipline


The Australian Government introduced the Early Years Learning Framework to create a national standard that each preschool strives to meet. The aim is to develop a consistent, enriching, and nurturing environment so every child has access to quality care wherever they are in Australia.


Storypark helps connect parents, educators and students via a private, user-friendly service. Follow your child’s learning through regular updates, documentation, photos and videos throughout the day. Our teachers use Storypark to help parents track their child’s educational milestones and developments. Within 3 months of using Storypark, 90% of families have a stronger understand of their child’s development and 98% of educators claim Storypark has improved family engagement.

The program provides opportunities for indoor/outdoor play that promotes child initiated small group experiences and fosters nurturing and sibling relationships. The program is based on the concept of the Early Years Learning Framework, (and other practices like the Reggio Emilia philosophies), where the children’s interest are the focus and educators work with these interests to assist with the child’s development.

These practices are complemented by educators’ ‘provocations’, via intentional teaching. The educator’s intentional teaching is deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful. We believe that the role of adults within the preschool is to be facilitators that guide and encourage children’s learning at their own level.

We acknowledge and support the process of children’s play rather than focusing on a final product. Educators will document children’s individual and social learning. The program will be available to families via Storypark, where comments, feedback and suggestions can be given. All educators will be given opportunity to have input into the program with ideas and suggestions. We make curriculum decisions that promote inclusion and participation of all children.


We cater for different learning styles and capabilities. We recognise the importance of providing a safe, secure and consistent environment that supports trust and familiarity as well as active exploration of learning. It is vibrant, flexible and responsive to children’s needs, abilities and interests.

We believe that environment sustainability is our responsibility and we endeavor to take positive everyday action for a sustainable Australia.

Our outdoor learning spaces are natural environments which invite open-ended interactions, spontaneity, risk taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature.

We acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of this land, the Darkinjung people.

We recognise that we are part of the world community as well as our local community and is our role to support children to become environmentally responsible and contribute to a sustainable future.

We strongly believe in the principles of respect and responsibility as representing the foundation of our early childhood practices!

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